About Sudan Sham Elections 2010 Campaign

We are regular citizens around the 50 United States and DC, standing with the people of Sudan—the marginalized, the disenfranchised, and the brutally oppressed—in demanding truth and strength.  An indicted war criminal, responsible for millions of deaths, will never be a legitimate leader.  Peace, protection, and justice will come from strength in effort and conviction from our leaders. 
About the Elections
From the voice of Darfuris:

The April elections are a lie.
Please tell Americans to not support in any way these lie elections.

Mohamed Suliemen, Darfuri Leader:

"The elections will not be fair and free. They will be a sham. Omar al-Bashir took control of Sudan 20 years ago by military coup and has brutally ruled the country since. There is no freedom of movement, let alone freedom of expression or freedom to organize. Darfur is a war torn region where many previously vibrant and bustling villages now lay in ashes."

From a coalition of advocacy groups, the Benchmarks:

Although the elections are less than 90 days away, the environment for them to be free and fair does not exist. In the northern states, security forces have continued to crack down on opposition parties and activists. In Darfur, a large military presence and ongoing insecurity is likely to prevent people from voting freely – if at all.
Moreover, given the prevailing security conditions in Darfur, it is also challenging to imagine how Darfuris will see their rights of enfranchisement respected. There are widespread concerns that a vote held in April 2010 would only serve to disenfranchise huge number of Darfuris while making it more difficult for them to reclaim the rights to lands from which they were forced.
If the election is not credible, the United States and others must be prepared to not recognize the results and impose a clear cost on those who denied the Sudanese the right to elect their leaders.
Clear Benchmarks For Sudan
From common sense:
There is an indicted war criminal whose government is responsible for millions of deaths, the displacement of entire populations, and rape in mass scale.  He is THE candidate that controls these elections.
Sign on letter led by Mohamed Yahya and Damanga Coalition for Freedom and Democracy:

"In the months leading up to the election, the NCP government has forced protesting Darfuris to register for the election (people of Darfur stated clearly that they will never accept or register for unfair elections that do not respect their right to restore justice, peace, and democracy) and have further arrested, beaten, and killed individuals that have voiced public opposition or have demonstrated for free and fair elections."

Read full letter to President Barack Obama here.

From Human Rights Watch:
March 22, 2010:
"Conditions in Sudan are not yet conducive for a free, fair, and credible election," said Georgette Gagnon, Africa director at Human Rights Watch. "Unless there's a dramatic improvement in the situation it's unlikely that the Sudanese people will be able to vote freely for leaders of their choice."

Read HRW’s Government Repression Threatens Fair Elections

Violations of civil and political rights by Sudanese security forces throughout the country are seriously undermining prospects for free, fair, and credible elections in April 2010.
Careful monitoring is even more pressing considering that al-Bashir is wanted for war crimes.
Read HRW’s
Abuses Undermine Impending Elections
From the Enough Project:

More broadly, the April national election in Sudan – an election for which the Unites States has provided tens of millions of dollars in technical assistance – is in the process of being stolen by an indicted war criminal who will use the ballot to “legitimize” his rule. The conditions to make the national election free and fair simply do not exist, and will not exist, by April, and there may well be sharp questions as to why the United States heavily bankrolled an election so obviously flawed.
Read Enough’s
Truth And Consequences For Sudan Now: An Open Letter To President Obama's Deputies

From Save Darfur Coalition:

Given the current conditions in Sudan, the international community needs to ensure that the elections don’t legitimize this genocidal regime.

Visit Save Darfur's
Sudan 2010 Elections Campaign
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